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Here we pay tribute to JoMoCons gone by. With any con, it's not a complete record, because you had to be there, but as much as possible, we'll try to fill in the details.

JoMoCon 2023

JoMoCon 2023 Promotional image

Our 2023 convention was held on August 5th at the Harry M. Cornell Complex in Downtown Joplin, MO. We had just under 1,000 people in attendance!

JoMoCon 2023 Cosplay Competition photo

Attendees enjoyed a full day of vendors, manga reading and anime viewing, board game as well as vintage video game tournaments, and even some murder mystery sessions.

JoMoCon 2023 Ryan Bartley panel photo

Our guest lineup included Three Trails Taiko Ltd. from Kansas City who performed some amazing traditional Japanese drumming, as well as voice actor Ryan Bartley who has played characters in hit anime such as Demon Slayer, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Hunter x Hunter.

JoMoCon 2023 Children's Center check hand-off

Thanks to the huge community effort that it took to put on JoMoCon 2023, we raised enough funds to make a donation of $6,126 to this year’s featured charity: The Children’s Center of Southwest Missouri!

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