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JoMoCon 2022

JoMoCon 2022 promotional image

JoMoCon's 1st In-Person Con!

On July 30th, 2022, we held our first in-person JoMoCon. Nearly 500 attendees came to downtown Joplin to enjoy this convention and meet our special guest John Gremillion, whose voice talents can be heard in anime series like My Hero Academia and One Piece. JoMoCon 2022 raised enough money for us to make a donation of $2,671 to support the kids of Ozark Center’s Turn Around Ranch.

JoMoCon 2022 promo image featuring John Gremillion

The con was held in five different buildings, allowing for a unique feel. Unfortunately, the rain showed up to complicate things, but the con pressed on! Matt Fussell and Jason Bright held an opening ceremony from the balcony of the Pennington Stations while con-go-ers checked in below and took advantage of the console lounge and VR stations. The Magic: The Gathering booster draft ended being cancelled because JoMoCon happened to be booked the same day as larger M:TG event nearby. The day was filled with board gaming, anime viewing, live panels, interviews, a cosplay pageant, and a farewell ceremony that we probably should have bumped up to happen after the pageant. We did, however, score a great picture.

JoMoCon 2022 Cosplay Pageant photo

We streamed the convention on Twitch, and this time, we downloaded the videos. Go hit our YouTube channel and give them a watch!

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