JoMoCon 2024 Landing Image

We really want everyone at the convention to have an amazing and safe time. So, we have some rules that we would like you to abide by. Please read the following Attendee Policy and Waiver very carefully.

The JoMoCon Committee reserves the right to change the policy at any time, with or without notice (subject to applicable law).


As an attendee of the convention you will agree to and abide by the following:

  1. Please follow any requests or directions given by JoMoCon staff or volunteer convention workers.
  2. COVID vaccinations and mask wearing are not required to attend the convention and you are encouraged to make your own decision on both.
  3. The following behaviors won't be tolerated at JoMoCon: disruptive behavior such as horseplay or roughhousing, running through the venue facilities or attendee walkways, attempting to sell or advertise a product or service anywhere near the convention without being a registered vendor/artist, being disrespectful, threatening, or offensive to your fellow attendees, the staff, vendors, or guests performers, purposefully making unwanted contact with other persons at the convention, or any other kinds of harassment.
  4. Attendee badges, bracelets, or other designated wearables are required to enter into any facility that is part of the convention. Be prepared to present your attendee wearable at any time to verify your registration. These wearables are not transferable to other individuals. As long as you have the wearable, you may leave the convention and return during the same day(s) for which you are registered.
  5. All of your personal items are your responsibility alone and no people or groups affiliated with JoMoCon will be held responsible if anything gets stolen, goes missing, or gets broken.
  6. Please don't bring any drugs or alcohol to our convention, or use it right before coming to our event. Just don't.
  7. If you are of legal age to use tobacco or vaping products, please make sure you do so outside and away from the venue and attendee walkways.
  8. Do not bring any of the following prohibited items: guns or other projectile weapons and devices, water guns, knives or other types of metal blades, practice swords, bats or other objects that can obviously be used as weapons, skateboards, roller-blades or skates, laser pointers, silly string or confetti, footballs or other sports equipment that isn't a specific part of a cosplay, noise making devices such as air horns, and drones or other aerial devices.
  9. We want to be able to host this event again in the future, so please treat the venue spaces with absolute care. Don't cause any damage to the rooms, decorations, etc or you will be held personally liable for it. Also, do the right thing and put your trash in the trash cans that will be around the area.
  10. Be sure to ask first before taking a picture of another attendee or cosplayer. It's the courteous thing to do.
  11. JoMoCon games, activities, competitions, panel viewing/seating and guest photo/autograph sessions are done on a first-come first-serve basis. No one is guaranteed seating, an autograph, participation, etc.
  12. Attendees may begin to line up for a panel or other convention activity no earlier that 45 minutes before that panel or activity is scheduled to begin.
  13. JoMoCon is a family friendly event. Attendee clothing, including any cosplay, should cover the pelvic area, buttocks, and chest. Clothing should not contain any offensive or inappropriate language, concepts, or imagery. Cosplay may not be an impersonation of local law enforcement.
  14. Cosplay props must be inspected by staff at check-in. Props should not include anything that is combustible or that creates flames/sparks. Prop weapons should not be made of metal, and any prop gun should not be capable of launching projectiles of any kind.
  15. JoMoCon will work to help accommodate anyone with special considerations or mobility concerns due to injuries or disabilities. Advanced placement in waiting lines and forward seating at panels and autograph signings will be provided. All facilities of the convention are wheelchair accessible. However, JoMoCon is unable to provide wheelchairs, other medical or mobility devices, or staff to assist in the operation of such devices.
  16. Please be respectful and quiet, with phones on silent, during the panels, guest presentations, card tournaments, and anime screenings.
  17. Children under the age of 13 must be attended at all times by an adult (18+ years).
  18. Parents/guardians of any underage attendees shall be held responsible for the actions of their children while at JoMoCon.
  19. By purchasing a ticket, you agree to be responsible for the conduct of all other attendees for whom you are registering and you shall guarantee that they will follow all requirements of the ATTENDEE POLICY AND ATTENDEE WAIVER.
  20. JoMoCon reserves the right to have prop items confiscated or to have anyone removed from the convention at any time if it is deemed necessary for the safety and well-being of the staff, guests, vendors, attendees, etc.
  21. Refusal or failure by anyone to follow this ATTENDEE POLICY may result in consequences up to and including being removed or banned from JoMoCon, as well as the possible intervention by the local authorities if need be.
  22. Admission purchased the day of the event is non-refundable.


  1. By purchasing a ticket for this convention, you, the attendee, acknowledge that your attendance and participation in JoMoCon and all of its activities, as well as that of any minor for whom you are responsible, is entirely voluntary. You also acknowledge and accept all possible risks, to yourself and to any minor for whom you are responsible, of personal property being stolen, lost, or damaged, as well as that of any physical, mental, or emotional harm or injury due to any incidental occurrence, including the contraction of any illnesses, resulting from your attendance and participation in JoMoCon and any of its related activities. Furthermore, you agree to indemnify and hold completely harmless the JoMoCon Committee, convention staff and volunteers, event sponsors and their employees or agents, venue managers and owners, panelists, guests, activity facilitators, convention vendors and artists, convention attendees, and the city of Joplin, Missouri, and all other persons or entities affiliated with the event known as JoMoCon from any and all lawsuits, legal or financial claims, possible litigation fees, damages, losses, demands, and all other forms of suits, either known or unknown in law or equity, that may result from your attendance and participation in the event known as JoMoCon or any of its associated activities.
  2. By purchasing a ticket for this convention, you, the attendee, acknowledge that you accept full legal and financial responsibility for any and all damage, defacement, or harm that you or a minor for whom you are responsible cause, incidentally or otherwise, to any property belonging to the venue owners/managers or the City of Joplin, Missouri.
  3. By purchasing for this convention, you, the attendee, give permission to the JoMoCon Committee and its staff/volunteers to seek medical or emergency assistance for you, or a minor for whom you responsible, in the event that you suffer an injury or sudden illness while at JoMoCon. Furthermore, you agree that the JoMoCon Committee and everyone affiliated with the event called JoMoCon will not be held responsible for any financial or medical outcomes of said assistance being provided.
  4. By purchasing a ticket for this convention, you, the attendee, give permission to the JoMoCon Committee to create and own images and/or recordings of you as an attendee at JoMoCon for lawful use in content creation and promotional media.