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Who is the JoMoCon Committee?

The JoMoCon Committee is a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed in January of 2020. We’re a small group of individuals that have been brought together by a shared passion for nerdy things and a desire to contribute to the local culture of Joplin. We decided to do this by organizing a convention. It has been quite the journey. But we finally brought JoMoCon to life in 2022 as an in-person convention. Now we aim to start leveling it up each year!

Meet The Team

Jason Bright staff picture

Jason Bright

Jason Bright is a public school teacher by day and a convention organizer by moonlight. Ever since attending his first anime convention, he has been hopelessly hooked on the experiences that come from such an event. Jason lives for cult classic cinema, FPS and RTS gaming, and all things cyberpunk; not to mention a recent obsession with vapowave music and pixel gif art.

Matt Fussell staff picture

Matt Fussell

Matt is the guy who hammers on the technical things behind the scenes. He plays a technical support specialist and programming instructor by day and moonlights in various forms development, graphic arts, and video editing. On the rare occasion that he's not neck-deep in a project, he's probably doing something with his family.

Jack Girard

Jack Girard

Molded by silver age comic books he read out of his grandma's closet, local basement goblin Jack Girard spends his days editing videos for Youtubers and his nights raging at games with his brother. At 16, he made a pilgrimage to a big city Comic Con and wants Joplin to have an even better one.

Keeli Rodriguez staff picture

Keeli Rodriguez

Keeli is not local to Missouri, instead, she's a convention wanderer, cosplaying and participating in them for over 10 years. She has cultivated a passion for these adventures, so much as to achieve a master's degree in themed experiences. She has gained substantial XP in the knowledge of theatre design and themed entertainment, working between Walt Disney World and Universal Creative. Her personal quest is to make conventions a respite for all peoples.

Paula Lewis staff picture

Paula Lewis

The community that surrounds anime and conventions is the most accepting environment I have ever been a part of. After 16 years of retail/customer service,12 years in management by day it is amazing to be a part of something more. I started watching Pokemon and Dragon Ball then didn't watch anything else till 2019. I was astounded at how diverse the world of anime has become, and can't wait to see what is to come.

Spencer Shepherd

Spencer Shepherd

Spencer was introduced to TTRPG early in life, and has never since looked back. Currently, his days are spent working and attending college full time. In his free time he enjoys a good sword and sorcery novel, managing some of the many communities he's a part of, delving into all things nerd, and attending metal concerts with anybody he can get to go with him.

Abigail Tikunoff staff picture

Abigail Tikunoff

Abigail loves all things nerdy, attending conventions, sewing her own cosplay, and has worked in various entertainment and education industries throughout the country, including temporarily working at BangZoom Entertainment in LA and being a part of Star Trek Continues. Event planning, entertainment, and stage management are her passions, and she enjoys building the Joplin area community through JoMoCon! - Oh, and she is a national awarding winning Etch-a-Sketch artist!

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